Sea Rescue Gets Nominated For An Emmy!

Also, volunteers on a routine turtle patrol discover a rare leatherback hatchling stuck at the bottom of a nest with a life-threatening fold in its shell. On The Wildlife Docs, we’ll visit with four members of Busch Gardens’ Animal Ambassador team: a sweet-faced lemur, Harry the two-toed sloth, an echidna and finally Pinky the flamingo. These animals play an important role at the park as they help educate the public about wildlife conservation. Sea Rescue and The Wildlife Docs air nationally on ABC on Saturday mornings during “Litton’s Weekend Adventure” and are among the most popular Saturday morning shows. They are part of the #1 rated block on Saturday mornings and are consistently rated #1 in the top ten U.S. markets including the four largest: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia. Currently in its third season, Sea Rescue has been seen by more than 120 million viewers.
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Be sure to catch a new episode this weekend. The SeaWorld Rescue team has its hands full when a feisty sea lion they name Kyle arrives with a serious eye injury. Then, when a harbor porpoise beaches in Canada, rescuers quickly learn he’s in desperate shape and it’s going to take 24/7 care to get little Levi back to health. The Wildlife Docs is new too! See what it takes to perform an otter url root canal as Puba, an Asian small-claw otter at Busch Gardens, needs some serious dental work. Then, did you know alligators make some of the best mothers in the wild? Witness the maternal instinct of a mommy alligator.
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