Dealbreaker: An Adult Who’s Obsessed With Disney

I dont have any desire to get their autographs or take a photo together. As an adult, I alsothink a lot of Disney movies are sexist, and I hate the idea that every girl is supposed to want to be a princess. But with Kyle, it really came down to travel incompatibility. When I travel, I want to see a new place and try something I hadnt done before;I couldnt imagine spending my one weeks vacation at an amusement park, let alone one that I had already visited. The idea of waiting in line, listening to children whine about being tired, and then eating in a restaurant full of people dressed like Goofy and Donald Duck sounded like disney world hotel and ticket packages torture.Even after Kyle pointed out that there were adults only locations in Disney World and lots of places where we could get drunk, it still felt unpalatable to me.Couldnt we explore New Orleans together? Or maybe take a road trip along the coast of California? Then, the idea of going all the way to Paris to see Pirates Of The Caribbean instead of the Louvre felt like going to New York City and eating at the Olive Garden. In some ways, Kyle and I were really compatible. But I just couldnt get on board with a lifetime of vacations to the Magic Kingdom.
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