Fanboys And Girls Grapple With Change As Comic-con Under Way – Yahoo News

An estimated 150,000 devotees of comics, video games, fantasy and action movies are expected to throng the four-day extravaganza in southern California, many opting to don costumes of their favorite characters. The streets surrounding the festival resemble a surreal bazaar: a miniature Darth Vader asleep on the shoulders of his father, dressed as Bart Simpson, or Princess Elsa from “Frozen” posing with “Avengers” heroine Black Widow. Blonde-haired blue-eyed Eric Jensen came dressed as Captain America, accompanied by his seven-year-old son, a hammer-wielding mini Thor. “I relate a lot with Captain America,” Jensen explained. “He was in the Navy and so was I, he is patriotic, me too. He keeps strong values in the face of adversity,” the insurance agent added. View gallery Guests attend Day 1 of Comic-Con International 2014 on July 24, 2014 in San Diego, California (AFP P But Jensen was surprised to learn of the seismic shift in direction that Captain America’s creators at Marvel announced last week, namely that the iconic superhero would become black. In another tilt away from white, male archetypes, Thor is being reimagined as a female Norse goddess. “I wonder what read here context this is, why are they doing that,” Jensen said.
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